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Revel (CA)


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Style: Cider-Wine Hybrid
ABV: 8.5%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

A cider-wine hybrid blend of Northern Spy apples (66%) and skin contact Gewürztraminer grapes (34%).

Apples are just as nuanced as grapes, and Northern Spy is delightfully floral - a characteristic Gewürzt sometimes gets a bad rap for. Combined, the two fruits play off each other beautifully. The aroma here is spring: dandelion, chamomile and roses, along with this urban petrichor vibe we're obsessed with.

Petrichor is the smell of the earth after it rains. We've seen it in our beverages before but this time it's like rain evaporating on the sidewalks of suburbia. It evokes very specific memories of biking down streets as kids, visiting friends and just a general haze of wholesome fun.

Spontaneously fermented with Revel's native microflora.

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12053 Berlin

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