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Revel (CA)


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Style: Apple Cider
ABV: 8.1%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

Single varietal naturally fermented cider with only Golden Russet apples.

Russeting is a genetic characteristic of this varietal: a tendency of the skins to become tougher, thicker and darker. The process of russeting concentrates aroma, and likely sugars as well.

The cider itself is easy and recognizable for those that enjoy classic French or English ciders. It's simplicity is a refreshing diversion from some of Revel's funkier offerings.

This vintage has that distinct russet apple aroma and is quite dry, youthful and savoury. Brace yourself for electric acidity, soft salinity and big, fresh apple aromas intermingled with subtle wildflowers. The natural russeting process adds body and a touch of nuttiness. A delightful sunshine sipper.

Single varietal ciders are a powerful learning experience for Revel. Years ago, when they were pressing apples in a garage, they fermented single varieties on their own to understand the unique characteristics of each apple.

Now, single varietal fermentations are a lesson in how Revel's native microflora interact with these apples, when each growing season gives slightly different fruit.

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