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Revel (CA)


15.07€ / L

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Style: Fruited Cider
ABV: 6.5%
Size: 355ml
Format: Can

A tasty blend of vivacious young perry (pear cider) and a richer oxidative aged one. Inspired by the process for Biere de Coupage: blending old and young liquids to get the best of both worlds.

The young portion is the 2020 vintage with Bosc pears, fermented on Riesling skins in stainless steel. The aged portion is the 2019 perry, laid down in Chardonnay oak barrels for one year. The acidity and texture of the barrel-aged portion is brightened by the body and aroma of the young fruit.

You'll find aromatics of ripe Bosc skins, restrained acidity and flavours reminiscent of wild fermented Riesling.

It drinks like wandering a seaside tourist town in the off-season, fresh brioche cooling on a nearby windowsill. It's funky and mellow: vintage vinyl carried by the ocean breeze.

Zero grams of sugar. Naturally fermented.

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