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Style: Barrel-Aged Fruit Sour
ABV: 6.0%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

A blend of beers fermented and aged in wine barrels for an average of 16 months. After blending, the beer was further conditioned on locally grown raspberries and hand-picked tayberries for 4 months before bottling.

This year features a ratio of 60:40 tayberry:raspberry, whereas previous years were 33:66 and 40:60. The extra tayberries give the blend a deeper red colour and more diverse berry character, adding some floral notes and beautiful complexity.

The tayberries combine with the raspberries to impart a wonderful jammy complexity to the blend. The base beer is multi-faceted, with wild Brettanomyces character and a bright acidity that plays right into the berry notes.

Acid is high, so drinking temperature is important. Aim for 12-14°C for the best experience. Three months of bottle conditioning have mellowed the flavours and produced the perfect level of carbonation.

The blender recommends keeping the bottle chilled upright for at least a day before you enjoy it, and to try to pour all in one go, without "glugging", to leave the lees behind.

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