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Style: Beer-Wine Hybrid
ABV: 8.5%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

Wine-beer hybrid. An experiment in changing the definition of what beer can be.

A blend of beers aged in French oak wine barrels for an average of 20 months. Refermented with 100kg of foot-stomped whole cluster Gamay grapes that underwent carbonic maceration for 10 days.

Carbonic maceration is an intracellular fermentation that changes and enhances the character of the fruit, typically used in Beaujolais-style Gamay wines. Basically, this process results in enhanced aromatics, a change in flavour, and a reduced/softer tannin profile.

After 2 months of skin contact, the blend has picked up tons of fruit character from the grapes. Notes of red berries, pepper and cherry complement the barrel character and moderate acidity.

This blend is bottled "still" - meaning it is not bottle conditioned and does not have much carbonation. This was an intentional decision, as the blend is very wine-forward and has good tannin structure.

There is a slight amount of carbonation present from dissolved CO2 from the fruit refermentation, and you'll notice this if you drink the beer at or slightly above cellar temperature (12-14°C) in a stemmed glass.

The blender recommends keeping the bottle chilled upright for at least a day before you enjoy it, and to try to pour all in one go, without "glugging", to leave the lees behind.

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