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Revel (CA)


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Style: Cider-Wine Hybrid
ABV: 9.0%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

A 50/50 blend of saline, sherry-like apple cider aged in oak (2017), with young, bright Sauvignon Blanc (2020).

Revel's first Apera - kind of. Apera is the term for new world Sherry. They've stretched that definition a bit.

The discovery of a sherry-like cider was exciting, but Revel's first thought was it needed something aromatically. A quick search for something tropical-ish made Sauvignon Blanc the clear choice. They added a little bit of organic lemon verbena to amp it up a touch further.

Long Story is pretty magical. Buttery, salty oak melds with tropical lychee to create a mind-bending maraschino white-tea profile. It's weighty, low acid and still. Meant to sip and contemplate.

Enjoy it chilled, or over a big ice cube. The cider makers recommend treating Long Story like a regular bottle of wine and finishing it within 2-3 days.

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