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Revel (CA)


20.96€ / L

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Style: Perry
ABV: 6.3%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

A wild-fermented single-varietal perry with Bartlett pears.

Pera is 100% Bartlett, and smells like a perfectly ripe pear — it's powerful and intoxicating. There's a fresh, floral note to it that's so specific to tree-ripened Bartlett.

It drinks like cutting into a pear at its absolute prime. Vibes of baked pears with frothy cream in a wildflower breeze.

Pears are special and unique.

They naturally contain high levels of sorbitol so perry often tastes slightly sweet, even without any added sugars.

Sorbitol is a sugar-alcohol, so it can’t be digested by humans, but our tastebuds still interpret it as ‘sweet’.

Along with the low acidity in most pears, Revel's perry releases often have a totally different vibe from their apple-based ciders.

Pera is one you truly have to taste to understand.

The folks at Revel have been on a mission to make the perfect perry for nearly a decade now. (Perry = fermented pears aka 'pear cider' if you haven't heard the term before ☺️)

Perry is low in alcohol and acid (nature's preservatives) so they've found that they have to be really careful with it. Bad perry is really bad, but great perry is incredible. Pera is incredible.

Wild ferment, zero added sugar, vegan friendly.

Flughafenstr. 49
12053 Berlin

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