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De La Senne (BE)


10.67€ / L

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Style: Belgian Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Size: 330ml
Format: Bottle

Light & aromatic Belgian blonde ale with a refreshing character, complex yeast flavours and citrusy scent.

Taras Boulba is a thirst-quencher, but with a well-affirmed character. Blond and slightly hazy, it develops fragrances of noble hops in dry hopping, which give it herbal, floral, and light citrus notes. It has a powerful bitterness and a dry finish. The profile is rounded out by malty notes of fresh cereals, as well as by fruity/spicy fermentation flavours.

The perfect session beer, built for drinkability, and a must-have anytime it's around!

Flughafenstr. 49
12053 Berlin

MON / FRI: 17:00 - LATE
SAT / SUN: 15:00 - LATE