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Style: Beer-Wine Hybrid
ABV: 7.6%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

Wine-beer hybrid. An experiment in changing the definition of what beer can be.

A blend of beers aged for an average of 24 months in wine barrels. Refermented in a fruiting barrel with 100kg of whole cluster Pinot Gris grapes that underwent carbonic maceration for 8 days.

75 days of skin contact during refermentation have imparted a beautiful colour and some vibrant notes of grapefruit flesh and pale fruit to the blend, along with a moderate acidity and a finish with grippy tannins.

The blender recommends keeping the bottle chilled upright for at least a day before you enjoy it, and to try to pour all in one go, without "glugging", to leave the lees behind.

This batch is bottle-conditioned and carbonated. Please enjoy at cellar temperature in a stemmed glass.

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